35mm Film Grain


From Kodak's Vision3 200T for unrivaled highlight latitude and reduced grain in shadows, to Kodak's Tri-X Reversal for fine grain, sharpness, rich blacks and excellent contrast, this 1080 and 4k film grain pack is perfect for filmmakers who want that Vintage Technicolor Look, or are looking for that authentic analog 35mm film effect. Easily and instantly achieve that cinematic film look by adding these authentic 35mm film grain plates to your film or video, no plugins required! 

"For filmmakers who aspire to capture the world as only they see it" ~ Kodak.

Other reasons to use a film grain overlay

Besides easily achieving that film look, film grain overlays can fix plastic looking footage which de-noising can cause, helps reduce color banding when compressing videos for the web, and grain can increase the perceived sharpness of your image.



  • Kodak Vision3 50D
  • Kodak Vision3 200T
  • Kodak Ektachrome 400T 
  • Kodak Tri-X Reversal


  • Number of Plates: 4
  • Individual Clip Length: 0:10
  • Encoding: ProRes 422 (.mov)
  • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
  • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps


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