Cinematic Dust Particles Overlays


Whether your project is a feature film, short film, wedding video, documentary, broadcast piece or music video, the cinematic dust overlay pack is a collection of 44 high quality dust, motes and floating dust particle assets that create contrast and depth while helping narrow the focus on your primary subject. These subtle, natural elements are an unbeatable way to add mood & texture to any film or video production. The 'camera dolly edition' is a 'must have' pack for filmmakers/motion designers and is perhaps the final dust particle collection you will ever need to purchase because it covers every industry standard camera movement. With long high quality seamless loops each containing a completely unique particle seed that you can flip, rotate, loop, re-time, track, and more, there are literally thousands of output combinations available at your disposal for creating your unique and beautiful final piece.

No plugins required!

No matter whether you use any of the major NLEs such as; DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Affects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas, Nuke, Apple Motion or Final Cut Pro, we’ve got you covered, this organic dust elements pack is fully compatible with all major non-linear video editing and motion software supporting blending modes.


    • Number of Clips: 44
    • Individual Clip Length: 0:20
    • Seamless Loop: Yes
    • Encoding: Photo-JPEG (.mov)
    • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
    • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps


    • pan left, pan right, pan up, pan down
    • zoom in, zoom out
    • zoom in pan left, zoom in pan right
    • zoom out pan left, zoom out pan right
    • static camera


    • small particles, slow velocity
    • large particles, slow velocity
    • small particles, medium velocity
    • large particles, medium velocity


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