Atmospheric Overlays

Our natural atmospheric overlays are an efficient solution for digital film and video editors who want to go beyond the captured shot to effectively tell their story giving you the ability to easily harness the forces of nature by enhancing a static sequence while quickly adding more depth to your scene. With our organic snow and realistic rain effects packs, you will be able to easily enhance the atmosphere of your scene in just a few clicks without risking your camera and gear to natures harsh elements. With long high quality seamless loops each containing a completely unique particle seed that you can flip, rotate, loop, re-time, track, and more, there are literally thousands of output combinations available at your disposal for creating your unique and beautiful final edit. If you want your easily enhance your scenes check out our growing collection of premium natural elements below: For you VR/360° content creators check out our Natural elements for VR/360° video.

Natural Atmospheric Overlays