Organic Snow Overlays


The cinematographers challenge of capturing the beauty and complexity of a snowstorm due to the weather's unpredictability no longer needs to worry the editor as you can easily overlay your footage with our well rounded collection of organic snow overlays which includes various densities and velocities to seamlessly match your scenes desired conditions, whether it's a subtle snowfall, a hail storm or a near white out, this well rounded photorealistic Organic Snow Overlay pack has you covered.

With long high quality seamless loops each containing a completely unique particle seed that you can flip, rotate, loop, re-time, track, and more, there are literally thousands of output combinations available at your disposal for creating your unique and beautiful final piece.


    • Number of Clips: 28
    • Individual Clip Length: 0:10
    • Seamless Loop: Yes
    • Encoding: Photo-JPEG (.mov)
    • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
    • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps


    • Snow fall (downward with a slight angle)
    • Windy (angled to the side)
    • zoom in (towards camera)
    • zoom out (away from camera)
    • Densities 1-5 (amount of snowfall)
    • Velocities 1-2 (slow and fast)

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