Photorealistic Rain Overlays


Our cinematographer's gear is not always capable of withstanding harsh natural elements without suffering unnecessary damage especially when it comes to rain and snow. We have created an efficient solution for film and video editors who want to go beyond the captured shot to effectively tell the story by offering a wide range of photorealistic rain overlays for your video editing process. 

With long high quality seamless loops each containing a completely unique particle seed that you can flip, rotate, loop, re-time, track, and more, there are literally thousands of output combinations available at your disposal for creating your unique and beautiful final piece.


    • Number of Clips: 30
    • Individual Clip Length: 0:10
    • Seamless Loop: Yes
    • Encoding: H264
    • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
    • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps

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